Low Back Pain and You

Leslie Saxton, LMT

Did you know that most of us will experience low back pain at some time during our lives? Some of us will experience recurring low back pain episodes.

First, it would be best to determine if your condition is improving or not improving. Low back pain that is not improving with home self-care (bed rest, heating pads, gentle stretching) needs to be addressed by a doctor or physical therapist or both.

If you choose to receive massage therapy for your low back pain, seek out a knowledgeable massage therapist. A good massage therapist will be your partner as you navigate the ups and downs of your condition. You may be receiving treatment from a variety of care providers, but your massage therapist can provide the soothing support needed to balance out the other tests your doctor may need to order depending on what is determined at an office visit. An experienced massage therapist will take a detailed record of your health history, pain patterns and include you in the treatment plan. Look for a massage therapist to ask questions about what you expect from your massage therapy sessions. Also know that it is not necessary to do any extensive stretching at your first massage therapy session. You may not know whether your condition would be improved by stretching. Experienced massage therapists note that other care providers may be determining if stretches can even be included in a treatment plan. A knowledgeable massage therapist will make recommendations as to the varied treatments available to you. They have provided massage therapy to other low back pain clients and have knowledge of local doctors that treat both acute and chronic low back pain.

Leslie Saxton practices massage therapy in North Augusta, SC. She is a clinical massage therapist with over eight years of experience. She currently teaches low back pain assessment techniques at Georgia Academy of Massage. Contact her for questions related to massage therapy: